Human Resources Certificate

These are not ordinary times. An uncertain job market requires HR professionals to demonstrate added value to employers and set themselves apart from peers for career advancement. This is a comprehensive HR management course offered in partnership with the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) National and taught by experienced, senior-level HR professionals. This learning experience offers the unique opportunity for measurable success.

Who should enroll: 

  • HR professionals qualified under HRCI requirements for PHR/SPHR certification who are preparing for the national exam. 
  • Individuals who want advanced education and training for a successful HR career.
  • HR professionals wanting a broader education or to update their HR knowledge. 
  • HR professionals who want to enhance their marketability by gaining current HR knowledge.

Using the current SHRM Learning System materials, you will build a solid foundation and invaluable professional expertise including the ability to: 

  • Recall and define basic fundamentals of human resources management. 
  • Relate to each module presented and be able to apply these methods to the day-to-day job. 
  • Look at an HR situation and draw conclusions on how to correct, amend, adapt, or change for positive results. 
  • Use HRIS to support HR activities. 
  • Understand the use of HRIS to support HR activities. 
  • Perform and use internal and external environmental scanning in business decisions. 
  • Identify and recognize a potential legal situation in the workplace to prevent litigation, claims, and suits.

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